Joël Salomon is a long time resident of Florida. He obtained his graduate degree with honors at Lynn University. He also lived in New York and New Jersey. A long time environmental enthusiast. He was always concerned about the threat of Global Warming. As a lover of science-fiction, he wrote this stunning action adventure novel which follows in the pattern of Avatar and Star Trek in order to capture our imaginations on what would happen if the threat went unresolved

In the far distant future,when we had colonized space,there were those of us who remained loyal to the earth.But the earth was ruined because of our lust for power.And so we built cities and took residence in them beneath the seas roiling waters.

The Globe (the great underwater sphere city) is filled with excitement and hurrying about in preparation for this day. Even the sea itself and sea creatures seem to scurry around the globe in excitement.

The wedding ceremony begins. Qualdor and Sunny meet each other on stage and the minister begins, he ask Sunny to repeat after him and she answers his question by answering, “I do”. Qualdor repeats after the minister, and when Qualdor opens his mouth to answer, a loud sound boom rocks the Globe. Screams and shrills fill the air, panic replaces joy and happiness. From the stage, Qualdor looks at his father and his mother for answers. They in turn stare about hoping that their glare spots the cause of the blast. When Sunny gathers herself enough to see her parents from her position onstage, another blast erupts, causing the stage to fall and the ground quakes.

" The idea of an under the ocean colony, The Globe, set in future is fascinating. Some of the technological aspects, details, are interesting and well done. The idea pulled me into this work...."

- Harold Adams, Weekly News

" This imagination of a colony is exciting and fascinating. To the point where I found myself in full emotion. This achievement is and will remain exceptional...."

- Alora Jackson, Journalist's Tribune